<p>soo- the Dartmouth supplement no longer requires a peer recommendation? Or words to describe yourself? I know this seems silly - I just want to make sure i'm not missing it :)</p>

<p>Wait WHAT?! No Peer Rec? I thought it's always had a Peer Rec! Let me check up on this...</p>

<p>The peer rec is still required. For application timelines/checklists see here</p>

<p>For ED: Early</a> Decision</p>

<p>For RD: Regular</a> Decision</p>

<p>More info on the peer rec: Peer</a> Evaluation</p>

<p>It certainly is supposed to be a part of the application, but it also isn't anywhere in the Common App supplement. This might simply be an error, as Dartmouth makes it clear that it's supposed to be in the Common App both on their website and during my recent information session.</p>

<p>I sent a message to Dartmouth and got this back as a reply
"Thank you for your message. Yes, the Peer Evaluation is still part of the
application forms. We are in the process of adding a pdf version of the forms
to our web site and hope to have them available within the next week."</p>