Communal Bathrooms in College

So im going to be a freshman this year, and my dorm floor has about 3 or 4 communal bathrooms. Can anyone give me a basic run down of how do they…work? I obviously know how to work a bathroom, but…what do I walk in if I’m going to take a shower? Clothes? Just a robe? Same thing coming back from a shower, can I wear just a robe, or should I change in the shower? I’m not extremely close with my roomate so should I just put on undergarments in the shower and a robe and finish getting dressed in my room? And do I need to bring a whole shower Cady if im just brushing my teeth or something?
So many questions but I move in in two weeks so I’m terrified lol

It will be ok! You can do whatever makes you comfortable — wear your clothes and carry your clean clothes with you to change after showering, or change into a robe after, or wear the robe from your room in the first place. You’ll figure out what works best for you pretty quickly. You can just walk over with your toothbrush and toothpaste if you’re just brushing your teeth, no need to carry the entire shower caddy with you every time.


Great question and legitimate fears. The unknown is scary. What would you do if you stayed overnight at a friend’s house?? Great question to ask your RA also if not addressed during your dorm orientation. But, maybe just use the robe, Towel Caddy method and see what works for you after the first time. Everyone’s in the same boat and trying to figure it out. You will see many people walking around in robes, towels on their heads, etc. Once school actually starts you will probably feel more comfortable.