Communication Disorders-UVM vs. URI

My daughter was accepted to both programs. She got substantial merit aid from both but UVM will still be a bit more expensive. Curious if anyone has feedback on either program or if a BA degree from a certain college or program gives one a better chance of acceptance when applying to grad school. Thank you.

For ideas about acceptance to grad school, she should ask the departments at each university. They keep statistics about that kind of thing. The career centers at each campus might be able to help her too.

If she would change her major, which place does she think she would like better? Or, if she’d change her major, would you still be willing to pay for the more expensive place?

What does she need to do to keep the merit scholarships at each place in future years? If she lost the scholarships, would either place be affordable?

Graduate admissions for SLP or A will depend on your daughter, and not the school…
although I do recognize that access to different opportunities etc may ( or may not) be greater at one school over another. She will have to maintain a high gpa, get to know her profs so that they can write her recommendation letters, get involved in different activities, volunteer etc. I think it’s a good idea to ask the dept about grad school acceptance information.

If you are willing to pay for either school, I would let her choose the one she likes better. I would also look at other majors offered just in case she changes her mind.