Communications at Hofstra

<p>Hello all,
My son is in all likelihood going to pursue a major in communications. Can anyone shed light on the program at Hofstra? We are from Connecticut, and he is anxious to be near the city, and live in a comfortable dorm.<br>
I look forward to comments. Thanks.</p>

<p>Hi wickmaster!</p>

<p>I am a senior TV/Video/Film major at Hofstra and really enjoy the program. I decided to come to NY from Southern California to pursue a communications degree and had countless opportunities that wouldn’t have been available at other locations.</p>

<p>My biggest draw to the department was that students could work the equipment as a first year, either in classes or with extra curriculars. Looking back, I came in with very limited knowledge about the industry and technology and now I can work every crew position comfortably. Also, the faculty within the department are very accessible and are open to peer learning.</p>

<p>Hofstra’s proximity to NYC is one of its greatest assets. Besides internships, we visit the city to process film, visit studios, and watch show tapings. So far, I’ve had great success with internships here because of networking with students and through the career center. I was even able to intern at home in Los Angeles while receiving credit at Hofstra. Because of these opportunities, I am very optimistic about finding a job after graduation.</p>

<p>Hope this gives a better look at the program. Do you know what area of interest your student has within the School of Comm?</p>