Communications Degree

<p>Can you get a communications degree at NYU or a degree of media studies? When I go to the website--now maybe im not looking hard enough but I dont see any media or communication study. I see one for digital communications but thats not what im looking for. I do not wish to focus on the engineering and use of cameras and such. Im looking for just a general communications program that focuses on the study of broadcast journalism, radio broadcast, public relations, or just journalism in general. Im suprised to not have found this. Most schools offer a communications or media studies degree. Do they not offer one or have I just not found it? Can anyone send me a link?</p>


<p>The major your thinking of is Media, Culture, and Communication and its at NYU Steinhardt. It's my major for next year (:</p>

<p>I think I saw one for media, culture, and communications but thats not really what I am looking for. That one seems to be more so how media affects culture and what not. I am looking for something that focuses on journalism and broadcast. I could have sworn NYU had one. Most schools do have just a normal Communications program...I thought for sure NYU had to have one also.</p>

<p>NYU offers a journalism degree in CAS</p>

I contacted NYU and they said they label things a little differently than other schools. They communications program they have is for communicative disorders, and the media, culture, and communications one is more sociology related...not focused on broadcast at all. The rep told me if I did journalism it would probably set me up good for what I want to to the only thing is that its heavilly print focused and I am looking into Broadcast journalism. I still need to study journalism because tv and radio broadcast is still a form of journalism but I need the media experience. Then he told me I could try for the Gallatin school. So, thats probably what I will do!! :)</p>

<p>BTW, anyone have experience with the Gallatin school? How hard is it to get in compared to others? I know Stein and CAS are the hardest...</p>