Communications/Media Studies Major

<p>I've come to realize that though communications is impacted at most UC campuses, there are not huge programs like there is at UCLA, at Berkeley or UCSB. Basically, I'm just trying to figure out which school (SB or Berk) does have the "better" program and the pros/cons of each if anyone could provide those as well. </p>

<p>SB and Berkeley were my top two schools and I have no idea where I should go next year! Honestly, I'd just appreciate whatever insight anyone has on this topic! Thanks so much! :)</p>

<p>What are your career goals specifically? Do you prefer one campus over another? Do you know where you might want to work after graduation?</p>

<p>Are you focused on mass communications? Cal offers media studies, which is focused primarily on mass communications I believe. UCSB might have an interpersonal emphasis.</p>

<p>UCLA's communication studies major is split up into a mass media or interpersonal emphasis. </p>

<p>Also, keep in mind where you might have bigger chances for these kind of internships.</p>

<p>My guess is..</p>

<p>UCLA > CAL > UCSB</p>

<p>Hey, I actually kinda have this same question. I got in to Comm at UCLA and then Media Studies at Cal... Im not sure which to choose from. Eventually i would like to be a producer. But there is always graduate school u know? So it's more like which is the better program for getting a B/A???</p>

<p>Indie is right about the departments having different emphases. Cal is more focused on mass communication and LA's department offers a broader variety in communication, as Indie mentioned. The schools are also very different in terms of location. If you're interested in going into the entertainment industry, for instance, I strongly suggest UCLA over Berkeley. In the end though, both departments are good. UCSD, UCSB and UCD also have strong departments you could look into. Look through the course catalogs to get a better idea of each program (they're all very different).</p>

<p>When I <em>wanted</em> to be a communication major, I noticed that all programs I was looking at were heavily theory based. Different emphases, but still LOTS of theory especially Davis, San Diego. Berkeley's Media Studies is also theory based, but I liked that it was an interdisciplinary program and you could tailor the courses to your interest, while focusing on media theory.</p>

<p>Eiffel, I hope to eventually get into public relations and be some sort of agent and work at a place like CAA. I definitely prefer the campus of UCSB over Berkeley and am not quite sure about my plans after graduation. I would hope to continue onto grad school, money permitting.</p>

<p>Indie, sadly I did not get into UCLA so even if the internship opportunities would be the best there, I do not have the opportunity to go there.</p>

<p>My friend is also in this dilemma.
UCLA Comm Studies or CAL Media Studies? A friend of ours at CAL has mentioned how the media studies major is pretty much considered a joke major. But that's just one perspective.</p>

<p>Does anyone else have any other insight?</p>

<p>UCLA Comm Studies FTW. If you are accepted to that program, go there. Cal is primarily for PhD level film and media studies based students. It's very dry and theoretical in a boring not interesting way on the undergrad level. The new teachers in the department aren't nearly as good as the old ones or the ones at UCLA or UCSB film studies. They have the better film and comm class selection.</p>

<p>If you want to be a producer, then the best program is CSUN's Media Management cinema program and mix that with business classes.</p>