community college credit

<p>Hi, I wanted to know if when you take classes at a community college that are actually transferrable to SD, do only the units transfer? or does the grade transfer as well. If so, then would it affect your UCSD GPA?</p>

<p>Your GPA from other schools is not calculated in your UCSD GPA.</p>

<p>oh so just to make sure, lets say I get a C in a transferrable class at a CC, since I passed the class I will have taken care of a GE right? but having that C wont transfer to my overall ucsd gpa, thereby not lowering my ucsd gpa?
so basically when u take classes at a cc, all u need to do is pass it and it wont affect ur overall ucsd gpa at all?</p>


<pre><code>* Grades from other U.C.'s DO count towards the UCSD grade point average.
* Cal State University (CSU) and Community College grades do NOT count towards the UCSD grade point average.



<p>That is taken from the Revelle website. I am almost positive it is the University's policy and not just the college. I believe as long as you pass the course you will get course credit for it at UCSD.</p>

<p>Yes, but remember that grad schools factor in your CC grades.</p>

<p>^ only if you tell them about it</p>

<p>my grad schools never knew that i did Hum3-5 at a CC and got a C+ in one of the classes. for all they knew (and cared), hum was only a two-quarter sequence.</p>

<p>(also: i do science. they really don't care about liberal-arts-related GEs.)</p>