Community College not an Option

My mom had threatened to kick me out of the house if I had decided to go to PCC, my local community college. I’m now going to UCR, with the the intent of going to a better UC. Ik it’s much harder with the route I’m taking, but what is the best way to transfer out?

  1. You want to try and complete all your GE’s at UCR and obtain a UC reciprocity letter which will exempt you from having to take any more GE’s at your transfer UC.

  2. For major prep, you will want to try and articulate your UCR classes to your transfer UC’s. UC to UC transfers are a little more straight forward than CSU to UC transfers.

You should look up for each target UC their transfer course requirements which can vary between schools. The disadvantage of a UC to UC vs CC to UC transfer is that you cannot TAG to any of the participating UC’s and for most the UC’s, you are given a slightly lower priority compared to CC and TAG transfers. UCLA is known to be very receptive to UC to UC transfers.

Best of luck and you never know if UCR might end up being the best UC for you.

Write your way out

UCR is a very good school so, ‘upgrading to a better UC’ will yield only nominally better career prospects.
You can use this tool to see what transfer GPA it takes to make the jump.
Good luck