Community College over the summer

<p>I will be a senior in high school next year and this summer I would like to take a Community College course. I have already fulfilled all of my high school requirements to graduate, so would it be a good idea to get the college class preapproved by my guidance counselor for credit or should I wait until I know the grade to tell anyone? Would it be acceptable to put on my college application that i took a college class without giving them a transcript or grade? Would it be smarter to keep the college transcript and high school transcript seperate or would it be better if (after being approved) to be together?</p>

<p>You need to be cautious about taking community college courses that are not part of concurrent enrollment at your high school. Most good institutional scholarships (those awarded by colleges) are for freshmen. If you earn too many CC hours that are not a part of concurrent enrollment you may be considered a transfer student at your college of choice and miss out on scholarship opportunities. This came up at a college presentation we were attending - a student asked about taking CC classes between graduating and starting in the fall and was cautioned to be careful as if he ended up with too many credits he would be considered a transfer student and lose his freshman scholarships. It becomes more complicated if you have other credits such as AP - at my daughters college these do not appear on the transcript until after completion of the first semester. However if a student decides to do a few hours at a CC then at the end of the first semester at the CC the those AP credits are considered credits earned and may result in changing the student to a transfer student. Some thing to consider and investigate carefully before you take CC classes. </p>

<p>If you have taken CC courses your college next year will expect a transcript from the CC.</p>

<p>Just talk to your GC...and don't be worried- as long as you do your work and you're not taking something you're unprepared for, you shouldn't have to worry about a bad grade.</p>