Community College Repeat Course

For instance, If i have 55 units total with a F in Chem, and decide to retake it, will i get 5 more units to add to 60, or will it remain at 55?

Edit: Since Chem is 5 units

If your community college allows repeat courses, and you take advantage of it your unit total remains at 55 since the repeated course effectively “replaces” the F you received in the class earlier.

I’m decently confident of this but it would be nice if other folks could chime in.

If you received an F grade in chem, then you never earned the 5 credits from that chem class. Your 55 unit total doen’t include that chem class.

EDIT: not sure if that made perfect sense. For example, if I’ve earned 12 units, and then I enroll in and subsequently fail a 5-unit class, I still only have 12 units. The 5 unit class will only get added to the total if and when I pass the class.

But in my unofficial transcript it says it added to my total, which explains why it would drop your gpa as well. Cause if they don’t enter the units I don’t see how your gpa can drop after failing.

@Orangered123 gotcha. Yea ill ask around but you seem correct