Community College Success Stories

<p>Let's hear them. Where did you go to CC (what state) and where did you transfer to?</p>

<p>anymore stories are much appreciated</p>

<p>Brief timeline for me.</p>

<p>Graduated high school in 2000 with a 2.7 gpa and 960/1600 sat.</p>

<p>Attended Arizona State University in the fall of 2001. Dropped out with something like a 1.1 gpa after one semester (had two F's and one D). I just wasn't ready for college.</p>

<p>Attended Phoenix College in fall of 2007, Graduated in fall of 2009 with a 3.96.</p>

<p>Only applied to the University of Southern California and was accepted for Spring admission.</p>

<p>Managed to get my transfer gpa from 1.1 to 3.45.</p>

<p>Goal now is to graduate Phi Beta Kappa and attend a top 14 law school (unless I can achieve my dream job with only a bachelors).</p>

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<p>and here’s another great success story if youre interested:</p>

<p>Community college ---> Vanderbilt</p>

<p>graduated hs with 2.07 and no SAT scores.</p>

<p>went to UTI finished with a 3.8</p>

<p>went to mtsac transferred to USC with a 3.88</p>

<p>currently at USC</p>

<p>is CC hard? I currently attend a top 50 private university. It is way harder than I expected. I want to transfer to a public state school such as UMD. My GPA for my first semester will be no higher than 2.0. Should I enroll in a cc or transfer to a local college and then transfer after I improve my GPA?</p>

<p>No, CC isn't hard unless you've got your priorities mixed up. I imagine a CC would be much cheaper than transferring to a local college. Go to the CC and get your GPA up.</p>

<p>I am a 28 yr old mother of two. I got kicked out of 8th grade, ended up finishing by way of summer school. Started my Freshmen year then quit. Needless to say I had VERY little schooling :-/ </p>

<p>At 25 I got my GED at a local CC</p>

<p>At 26 I started my first college term and earned a 4.0
I have maintained very good grades, though I occasionally get a B :-/</p>

<p>I was originally a Computer Science Major but then had a huge change of heart and decided to switch to International Studies. </p>

<p>I will officially start at a 4 year university come Summer term - I am very excited about this! I will be attending the University of Oregon :)</p>

<p>I would say that I have had great success at a Community College. Starting here was great for me transitioning back into school. It was on a much smaller scale (size wise), less intimidating etc. I am now ready for the next step in my college career.</p>

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<p>does strength of school really matter when transferring? I keep getting the sense that I am hurting myself by being at my current college.</p>

<p>25 year old mom of one just transferred from Mesa to SDSU for spring 2011. I am a history-just-turned social science major (single subject teaching). </p>

<p>(I applied to UCSD before making a definite decision on state. It will be fun to see if I got accepted though).</p>

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<p>do colleges look down upon people who start at a top 50 school then attend a cc for a year or two to get the gpa up?</p>

<p>I've been waiting a while to post on one of these threads, so here it goes.</p>

<p>I started off at a top 100 university, and maintained a 3.84 for my freshman year.
Then I took a summer semester and fall semester at my local community college and got a 4.0. (So technically I transferred twice, but it never really felt like that)
My HS GPA was a 2.7-2.8 and my SAT scores were a 1920. </p>

<p>I applied to alot of schools. At first I applied to UVA, UNC, JMU, and Villanova College of Business for Fall 2010. I was rejected from UVA and JMU (despite being a Virginian) and waitlisted at UNC (eventually rejected...they took nobody off their waitlist) and accepted at Villanova into their Business School. Unfortunately I couldn't afford Villanova in the end and went to my local Community College. I took a full summer load and overloaded for the fall. I then applied to UVA, JMU, W&M, Emory, Wake Forest, and Villanova for Spring 2011. I was rejected from UVA and JMU (still surprised by this) but accepted to Wake Forest, Villanova CoB, and W&M. I still haven't heard back from Emory. I don't know what happened to them haha. The spring semester is starting in 3-4 weeks. Financial reasons took hold again and it seems that the only school I will be able to afford will be W&M (in-state). This isn't to say I am not ecstatic though. I am thrilled. I will be attending W&M for the spring. </p>

<p>It was tough, especially going from a good school to CC. CC wasn't a great experience but I learned and grew alot because of it. I definitely feel like a stronger individual coming out of it. I had difficulties with the transfer process because very few of my Freshman year credits transfer anywhere. This is because the school I was at had a very unique course was a Tech school. Mostly for engineers but I majored in Business. </p>

<p>My suggestion for any out there, especially if your facing financial issues and may have to attend CC. Just keep working hard. Anyone can do it. I was a terrible student in high school. I do not know for sure but I believe that I graduated in the bottom 20% of my class. I only went to a top 100 school because of athletics. I worked hard and eventually it paid off. Things don't always go your way but you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So good luck to anyone else who may have just started the transfer process or is in the middle of it. I wouldn't suggest it for anyone haha. I found it to be miserable and twice as terrible as applying out of high school. But if you want it bad enough it will come. Just work hard and then work even harder. Later</p>

<p>nice post buckley. What college did you first attend btw and was CC easier than your first college?</p>

<p>I attended Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ. A pretty small private school. And yes Community College was alot easier. I do think alot of it depends on your professor and the course. Their certainly can be some very difficult classes at CC. But I mean in my case, it wasn't very challenging at all. I took mostly general electives. Just stay on top of your work and show up to class. That earned me a B right there. The rest was just a little studying and so forth.</p>

<p>So showing up and staying on top of my work will pretty much get me a 3.0? Obviously, I want to do better, but it's nice to see that I probably will be showing an upward trend.</p>

I just finished my third semester at a CC and completed 50 credits while majoring in chemistry. I have a 4.0 so far but I can't say that CC is easier than a 4 year university because I have never attended one. I am planning on transferring to a university in spring 2012 and so far have been getting many offers from colleges(St. John, Tulane, Cornell, Maryland, Texas tech, Stevens institute, Sarah Lawrence, and other good/average schools). Based on what my friends have said, university classes can be harder or even easier compared to cc courses. This depends on the courses you are taking as well as the professors.
Buckley might have had an easier time at her community college simply because he/she was taking general education classes.</p>

<p>Also, your high school performance isn't a good indicator of how you will do in college. I was ranked 219/294 with an SAT score of 1010 in math and Critical reading. I wouldn't call myself a dumb student. I just did not care very much.</p>

<p>how long were you in community college before you transfered?</p>

<p>So, will two bad semesters at a top 50 school prevent me from eventually transferring if I go to CC for a year or two?</p>

<p>Ravens, it is not the end of the world that you have done poorly in your first 2 semesters of college. What you need to do is bounce back and focus on your studies.</p>