Community college to UCSB TAG as a sophomore

I’ll be applying next year as a normal freshman applicant, however, I know that the UCs have been getting more and more competitive lately and I want to keep some options open. One backup plan I was thinking about was attending the Santa Barbara CC and then trying to get a TAG (transfer admission guarantee) to UCSB as soon as possible. I’d really like to only spend a year at CC, though, and I think I’d rather attend a lower-tier university than stay in CC for 2 years.

I’ll have earned 44 college credits from AP tests by the end of high school (assuming I get at least a 3 on all of them, which is pretty likely). I’m currently undecided on a major but I saw some interesting options in the College of Letters and Sciences. Estimated GPA by the end of HS should be around 4.0-4.10.

I’m currently studying at SBCC (online) and it is one of the best colleges in Southern Calif. , no doubt! Some faculty work (or has worked) at other UCs especially SB campus so many classes are similar to the ones in UC.
To satisfy TAG, you need to have 60 lower-division courses plus some other requirements. Ask SBCC counselor for AP test score transfers but as far as I know (I earned a ib diploma), CCC does NOT accept high school credit transfers like ib, A-level or AP. All those units will be credited to you after you have transferred to the UC.
If you’re afraid of the atmosphere of CC, forget about it. SBCC is a great CC and some classes are highly competitive especially in Math/Physics/Language departments. You can Work very close to 60 units if you take summers within one year.

It is nice to have a backup plan but make sure you start with a well balanced list of colleges in which to apply and hopefully you do not have to go to that backup plan. Also be aware that you may not get credit for all AP classes taken towards your 60 semester/90 quarter units required for TAG. If it comes down to you doing TAG, definitely contact your CC advisor about a realistic plan. You will need 30 Semester/45 Quarter units by September for TAG before you apply/matriculate and need to have specific courses completed for the TAG application.

Did the 44 credit number come from adding up units on the page UC Santa Barbara General Catalog - Advanced Placement Credit and Chart ? If so, then your plan would be pretty workable. As @Gumbymom points out, read carefully the TAG requirements to be sure you meet each and every requirement both to satisfy TAG and to be eligible to apply. Another helpful resource is the TAG matrix at which right now is for 2021 entry so just add a year to all dates.

Going to SBCC is a great choice if UCSB is your top choice and you don’t get in as a frosh. Be sure to sign up for the transfer academy. I have a post in the UCSB forum with more info for students considering the SBCC → UCSB path.