Community College Transfer Alumni Scholarship

<p>How does it work?
The only thing I know is that after I fill out my application, they'll contact me (either via phone or email) to set up for interview if I'm good enough to be a potentional winner around early June or late May.</p>

<p>I read the alumni scholarship interview process for freshmen, and it sounded pretty scary... 6-10 interview panel with 10-15 minutes of hardass questions... and what's this about 2nd round? I thought there'd be only one interview for the scholarship...</p>

<p>does it work differently for the transfers? please help... :(</p>


<p>I'm also a transfer and would like to know more about this. What are the odds that I'll win this scholarship if I have near a 4.0 gpa but did some employment but little extracurriculars and leadership?</p>

Hi, does anyone know if we should only include things in our application that we are currently doing, or is it okay to put things in from high-school or that we stopped doing a few months ago? Thanks!