Community College transfer to selective LACs

I’m going to start community college this fall here in California and am planning to apply to UCLA, UCB, Cal Ploy SLO and few private selective LACs (Williams, CMC etc) I know that admissions are very competitive. So I have a few questions to all of you who may have some experience. Also, as a side note, I am interested in Economics (major) and minor in philosophy or English. The community college I plan to attend either DeAnza or Foothill college. I attended a super competitive public high school. My unweighted GPA in high school is 3.5 and the one SAT score I have is 1300 (couldn’t attempt further due to covid cancellations)

  1. I am committed and very much interested in taking honors courses.
  2. How do I make my application strong to have a shot at selective LACs? What kind of extracurricular activities, leadership activities did the previous admitted students undertake ? what will look favorably ?
  3. I do not qualify for financial aid, and not a first generation college student. I am an Asian male.
  4. When is a good time to transfer to college, so my high school GPA and SAT are no longer taken into consideration?
  5. Does one need to do research while in CC to make a strong app?
  6. Do you have any advice for a freshman going into a community college for economics?

I’d appreciate any other tips you have, especially regarding my major.

Thank you