Community College transfer to top 50

I’m applying to a couple of different schools this year, alot of them are reach schools…
Last year I took a gap year where I did service abroad (8 months)- I emphasized working on research about agriculture and also environmental studies with non-profit organizations. I studied alot of Portuguese literature in the mean time though which led me to decide on my major; Portuguese and Brazilian Studies/Latin American Studies or International Relations I currently have a 4.0 GPA at my CC but honestly, its only 18 credits. My HS gpa was 2.9 (UW), 3.9 (Weighted)- I only took AP courses but I did average in most of them. I got a D in French my senior year which I hope will be counter balanced with my interest in Portuguese and Spanish (both of which I learned post-high school and I’m basically fluent in). I’m very involved with my community, most specifically with the latino league (where I help latino youth with tutoring) and refugees. I’m VP of the student government and co-editor of my college newspaper. ACT is 30.
I was accepted to Parsons last year, which was my dream school since I was young. I focused on art throughout high school and took alot of challenging classes (to please my parents, and because alot of my friends took those classes) but was never really interested.
I didn’t receive enough financial aid to afford the school because of emergency health issues with my sister. Ended up being for the better though because I decided to change my major over anyways.

I’m trying to decide on which colleges to look at because I don’t really know what I have a good chance of getting into (its hard to tell with transfer students). What would you guys suggest?

What state do you live in? If you don’t mind me asking. Also, most schools won’t let you transfer unless you have ~30 hours. Were you full time this semester as well? And if so, will you still have a 4.0 after this semester?

NC- we have some great public universities but I’m not really interested in a big state school. Yeah I’m taking 25ish credits this spring and I’m pretty sure I’ll have a 4.0! :slight_smile: