Community college waived a class that is required for transfer

I’ve been at a community college since Summer 2020, going through prerequisites necessary to transfer to UC Berkeley’s college of engineering. I made my academic plan in Summer 2020 with the community college’s counselors and a Berkeley representative. Both knew that I wanted to transfer to Berkeley. The community college waived a class because of an AP score I had. Now, I have found that the class waived, Physics 7A, could not be waived by Berkeley because my score for that test, AP Physics C Mechanics, was not sufficient enough.

What should I do now? How will this affect my chances?

You should talk to Berkeley, not us. They’ll likely make you retake but they are your source since that is your focus.


I agree with @tsbna44 that you need to contact UCB admission directly and find out if you need to take the class for transfer.

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Ask UCB directly.

In general, transfer students should check their AP credit against the listings of their target school(s), rather than assuming that their target school(s) give the same subject credit as their current school.

Some references: – look up articulation listings from your CC to your major at UCB.
Exams - Berkeley Engineering – UCB CoE AP and other exam credit.

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