Community colleges in New York

So ik I have been on here a lot but I have decided my next move should be attending a SUNY two year get 30 credits and then transfer to a SUNY 4 year. I would like to know is it possible to double major once reaching the 4 year school. I would like to double major in geography and applied math. Ik im contradicting myself because I did terrible in algebra and geometry but I really had a come to Jesus moment with algebra 2 and got a 91 I’m even taking ap stats next year. And after 31 creds at every single SUNY except for new paltz they don’t care about your high school grades. So what are the best ccs with dorms in nys. I’m looking for a quick check in quick check out type of experience, but I don’t want the dorms to be shady. I do know tc3 and SUNY Broome have dorms but are there any others? Does anybody have recommendations?

A quick Google search yielded the following list of SUNY CC’s with dorms. You can check each one to see if there are reviews.

Check the websites of the 4 year SUNYs you’re interested in to see if they have restrictions on double majors. I don’t know why they would, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to check.