Community colleges that I applied for, but never attended

So for this fall, I tried experimenting and applied for other community colleges (along with registering for their classes). I ended up dropping them, but I still have an account for those colleges (email and all).

I know that when verifying transcripts, universities somehow know exactly where you went, and what you took (I’ve heard its called the national student clearinghouse or something).

So for the colleges that I have an account, but never took any classes - I don’t need to mention them at all on a transfer application, right?

Also, how many community colleges is probably pushing it? I might end up having 3 colleges attended in total, and while it probably isn’t much, I’m wondering how much of a hassle it is to send transcripts for 3 colleges. Because of this, should I try keeping it down to 2 instead?

Also, I just looked at my course history for one of the CCs I never attended - and it shows a lot of “P” grades from “transferred” stuff via AP exam scores. A few months ago (when I wanted to take a class at that CC), I wanted certain prerequisites cleared, so I sent them my AP score report to clear them.

I no longer want to take it, but I’m a bit at unease with “something” being on my course history. The college seems to have automatically done this “credit transfer” process, because I never asked for them to do this (hence me never finding out about it). I just wanted prerequisites cleared.

Technically it’s “transferred” credit and not a class I actually took there, so should I try and remove them, or just leave it as is?

It sounds like you went farther than just applying, you registered for classes and then dropped. Call the registrar and see if you were ever considered an official student at these colleges. If so, send a transcript.

I dropped before any W deadline (within 1-2 weeks), so my transcripts are empty

If you have nothing in any transcript that lists courses — meaning it’s empty — you don’t need to include them. If any course is listed (not counting AP) you need to add it.