Community colleges to University?

<p>I was an extremely lazy student in highschool...i passed all my regular classes with As and Bs but when i tried an AP class, i got Ds, ON EVERYTHING then dropped my gpa to a 3.1. I was so shocked by my grades that i just decided to apply to state colleges and got into a few!(sjsu is the one I have my eyes on)</p>

<p>So i was wondering, should i enroll in the state college(sjsu) and get my degree, or should i take my chances and enroll into a community college for two years and try to transfer(UC davis/UC berkeley)? Will it be better to transfer from a CC to UC? If I were to get a job, would the employer care that i transferred from a CC to UC rather than straight 4 years UC?</p>

<p>If I was in your position I’d go with the CC. Employers won’t even know that you spent two years at a CC; you don’t even need to put your original school on your resume.</p>

<li>The Gracken</li>

<p>If you get decent financial aid from the state school and you can’t afford school without it, I’d go to the state school. It’s very difficult to get a lot of financial aid/grants if you’re a transfer student. If you’re fine financially, I’d go from CC -> better school. Make sure you research how many transfer applicants are accepted and what their scores are first though. Some places like Stanford and Yale only accept 1-2% of transfer applicants.</p>

<p>It’s much easier to get into UCB, UCD, and other upper UC’s as a transfer because they primarily focus on your GPA and if you have taken your major preparatory classes. UCD has a TAG (transfer admission guarantee) with many CC’s, so you could get accepted there for sure. Most financial aid is good for transfers but only lasts for the first two years once you transfer. My major, engineering, almost always takes 3 from transferring, so if I go to a UC, I will probably have to do loans for the last year.</p>

<p>It may depend on your major and how well your local community colleges cover the lower division prerequisites for it at your target universities. See [Welcome</a> to ASSIST](<a href=“”> to check course coverage.</p>