Community Service Extracurriculars

So, I am a rising senior, and I am currently preparing for the college admissions process. While listing out all my extracurriculars, I found that all of them are community service based (with the exception of one research internship). My personal “passion” and motivation have always been helping people because I honestly get more fulfillment from service rather than attending a math competition or joining an academic club (mad respect to people who excel with those). The issue with my community service activities is that they are all very scattered. For example, I volunteer with the students at my local elementary school (I love my teacher and the office ladies<3), volunteer at my local hospital, and lead a student-led club that fundraises and personally distributes supplies at local school and hospitals in Ghana. Outside of academics, most of my time is spent with these activities, and I genuinely enjoy all of these activities. Do you think colleges will view this negatively? Or will it mostly depend on my presentation and narrative? (I have decided to mainly center my personal statement around my childhood and what pushed me towards service.)