Community transferring to Parsons School of Design

Anyone have any info about transferring to Parsons School of Design after two years at community college? Just wondering what the experience was like? Considering it for my daughter. She is about to start her freshman year and we are weighing our options. She got in for their 4 year program but we cannot afford to go. Just wondering what scholarships they give to CC students, if any, and what the process was like?

Do you know what state you’ll be living in 2 years from now? You can check the financial aid package of college websites to see what aid they offer transfers, but pay attention to in state rates vs out of state rates. If you’re still in CA in 2 years, I think I’d start my search there.

As far as what it’s like to transfer to a 4-year school after graduating from a cc, I think you get out what you put in. I transferred after attending a cc and had no problems fitting in or making friends. The best thing I did was graduate with no debt. It gave me the freedom to take the job I wanted and lived where I wanted. You may find that what she wants to study in 2 years isn’t what she wants, so I would try not to worry too much.

No my husband just got a job offer from Arizona, currently in CA. Only been here a year. It makes it hard for my daughter to do CC because of husbands job transfers. The CC out of state fees are still better than a 4-year price wise.

Thanks for the response, the debt free part and the possible change of study are something to keep in mind.