Commute? / how challenging is engineering at USC ?

<p>Hello ! :)
I am a recent admit and was considering commuting to USC after my freshman year if I end up attending USC. I live about 40minutes away from USC, so I guess it won't be too bad if I commute. </p>

<p>My question is, is it a bad idea for engineering students to commute? My mom talked to her friend whose daughter is graduating this year (she commuted too), and she was like, "it's a bad idea to commute if you're an engineering major because you have so many things to do blah blah.." Well, I know that engineering is challenging but is it that bad to the point that 1.5~2hours commute cannot be done? Also, do you guys know anyone who commutes? Do you guys think spending ~15k for dorm is worth it?... Answers would be appreciated. Thank you!! :D</p>

<p>Oh, btw I am majoring in mechanical engineering!</p>

<p>My D just graduated from Viterbi in 2011. She lived in campus housing for the first two years and off campus and commuted the second two years. In the upper division classes of junior and senior years, many classes are offered in the evenings as the professors have outside career activities during the day. You can check the course catalogue for your major to determine when classes are likely to be offered. You may need to stay on campus for many hours each day. My D often brought along several meals to eat. She never had the opportunity to have all of her classes on a few days to make it more convenient for her schedule. She also had some very long days on campus. Unlike many of her friends, she always had classes on Fridays with a lot of evening classes. It is possible to commute but, depending on the time you have to drive, may limit your extracurricular activities and group study time. You will also need to apply for a USC parking permit. My D kept her bike near the parking garage so she could bike around campus during the day. Her USC parking was very safe and conveniently located.</p>