Commuter campus?

<p>Quick Towson a commuter campus?</p>

<p>thanks in advance</p>

<p>bump. need to know as I'm out of state and don't want to go to a mostly commuting campus.</p>

<p>I am researching Towson myself - so this info is approximate. About 4500 students live on campus. Another few thousand live off-campus - in the immediate area. And then there are those that do commute from home. Does that make it a commuter school? I think if several thousand - mostly freshman and sophomores I think - live on-campus - that's a decent number. I have yet to visit however, so not completely sure of the feel of this school.</p>

<p>Towson is far from a commuter campus. In my opinion, UMBC and UMD would be more likely considered a commuter college. Many people who attend Towson are from New Jersey and New York so it would be a bit difficult to commute!</p>

<p>I attend Towson and, while there is a large commuter population, I don't think you'll have any problems. A lot of people, as bbianchetti said, do come from out of state. I've met a lot of people from PA, NY, NJ, and even CT. Freshmen are being put into triples and even "overflow housing" since there are so many residents.</p>

<p>We did have a chance to visit recently and liked the appearance of the campus and the surrounding area. We also saw a lot of new dorms under construction - so that's a good sign.</p>

<p>Yep, new dorms are being constructed. They're really nice, too, and unfortunately for me some of those will house honors students... I got to live in crappy dorms as an honor student. There are some VERY nice new academic buildings that are almost done, too.</p>

<p>The college board website lists Towson as a commuter campus. As my S is seriously considering Towson, I, too, am wondering just how much the campus empties out over the weekends.</p>