Commuter Info

<p>I wanted to see if anybody has any info on how easy/challenging it is to be a commuter student at UDel. I'm not talking about living off-campus, but commuting from an hour away or so. Administrative support? Commuter lounges? Traffic and parking issues? Thanks.</p>

<p>From which direction? How would he drive there? That could be a BIG issue there, imo, specially when you're talking 2 hours/day.</p>

<p>Coming from the south up Highway 1, not having to deal with the I95 merger. I don't doubt that the commute will be a pain. He may limit himself to 12 hrs and try to arrange for not being there every day.</p>

<p>Commuter forum slated Wednesday</p>

<p>4:29 p.m., March 14, 2008--A commuter forum and luncheon will be held at 12:15 p.m., Wednesday, March 19, in rooms 209-211 of the Trabant University Center.
The forum will give commuting students an opportunity to voice their ideas, questions and concerns to officials in University Parking Services and UD Transportation.</p>

<p>To r.s.v.p. to the luncheon, e-mail Meaghan Stewart at [<a href=""></a>].</p>

<p>Students who are unable to attend are invited to share their ideas by e-mailing [<a href=""></a>].</p>

<p>Thanks. He's too far away to participate, but it's nice to see that the school at least acknowledge the commuter community. Not surprisingly, there appears to be some issues about parking and campus transportation. I know that commuter parking is pretty far from campus, so reliable and timely shuttle bus service is critical.</p>

<p>My son has used the busses this year and he has been very pleased with them. They seem to run regularly.</p>