Commuter Life at Wagner College

So I’m looking more into Wagner College for numerous reasons. It’s 10 minutes from my house, a good business school, and has a nice campus with D1 athletics. However, I’d be commuting from home. Do you think I’d still enjoy myself and get the college experience even though I’m not dorming ? Will I know about parties, events or meet people, girls etc? I would try my best to say on campus a big portion of the day

This can pertain to any college I guess

Having only 1 like on your profile picture says quite a lot. Going to parties? Meeting girls? Bro you’re not even ready for that. Commuters from the start are labeled as “non-partiers” and miss the basic aspects of college. Try to get out of that first.

Good luck and congrats on being accepted into Wagner. As an NYU student, we have some kids from Wagner come to our parties and it’s great.