Commuter Parking Question & Advice Needed

<p>I noticed that students are given a priority based on hours earned – with incoming freshmen basically being the lowest priority</p>

<p>If the parking website is accurate we will get an email and be assigned a time (based on standing and last name) to log on and attempt to reserve parking (July)</p>

<p>Question: Any idea what type of parking is usually left for commuter parking that late? I realize most experience will be with dorm parking for freshman, but we have a waiver and will be living off campus.</p>

<p>I would like to get my D into one of the “reserved” lots (expensive, but she is saving us a ton of money). Would be great to get into a deck.</p>

<p>If not a “reserved” lot, would like to go with a “commuter” lot – she liked the ones over by the soccer flds/Rec Center – either behind medical building or on same side of road as Bryce.</p>

<p>Next desired would be the “perimeter” lot over by Rec Center – diagonal across road from Rec Center.</p>

<p>I’m thinking that all of these desired may be gone before we get a chance to reserve – and not sure which way to go after that. Anyone had any experience with this or know of others who have? Maybe experience with soph’s getting commuter spaces.</p>