<p>just a simple question, is it a bit of a commuter school? if so, how commuter-ish is it?</p>

<p>I don't know about the official stats and all, but I would say it is to a small extent a commuter school. I live in Middlesex and it's far too tempting for a few of my friends to save 9k a year rather than live on campus.</p>

<p>But that said and from what I've heard, campus is never deserted on the weekend and Rutgers maintains a prodigious party scene.</p>

<p>i think that more then half of all students stay on campus. so it is a large amount</p>

<p>There's definitely a good amount of commuters, but I don't think I'd quite call it a commuter school. There are still a lot of students who live on campus or right off campus in New Brunswick. Remember, though, that because so many of the students are from Jersey (and thus aren't too far from home), there might be people going home on the weekend than at other non-state schools. (Oh, and I'm answering this assuming you're concerned with New Brunswick. Newark, on the other hand, I believe is more of a commuter school, but I'm really not sure.)</p>