Commuting to Redlands

Hi friends,

I am planning on transferring to Redlands and for personal reasons I was hoping to live somewhere around Pomona, CA. anywhere in a 5-10 mile radius from Pomona, CA. I understand it is a 35-40 minute drive to Redlands. I was wondering if there is anyone out there or if you know anyone that commutes to Redlands like this? If so, if it easy, hard? What are the difficulties? What are things to look out for? Are there any nice places to live in that area?

I really need some help to see if I can do this commute!
Please let me know!
Thanks a lot!

That’s ~40 mile drive each way on a VERY busy freeway. Best case (no traffic) call it ~ 40 minutes. Worst case, the sky is the limit. I’m not sure of the traffic patterns on that section of the 10 freeway (I live on the other side of town), but at the wrong time of day, you can get hammered. The further east you can live on the 10, the better off you’ll be.

Claremont is nice. That might work for you.