<p>So my schedule requires me to go from CSE -> NEB -> Chemistry Building. What would be the fastest way? These classes are back to back, and i checked the bus routes; they all seem to go clockwise x.x I dont mind the walk, it's just the timing.</p>

<p>Hi, forget the bus and start walking, or running north and east. Sorry</p>

<p>Only way huh? dam. And biking is out of the question, biking up the center drive hill is counterproductive</p>

<p>CSE->NEB shouldn't an issue. NEB->Chem is about a 15 minute walk, so walking up the hill and then biking the rest would get you there on time.</p>

<p>I have to get from Little Hall to NPB in 15 mins...should I get a bike? I'm going to try to switch my schedule around but everything is full.</p>

<p>Little to NPB is pretty easy since bus routes are clockwise.</p>

<p>i really wouldn't think that the bus was a reliable way to go between classes. i've never tried it, but it doesn't make sense to me.</p>

<p>It was faster than biking for me. I like in the graham area and since all the buses end up at the hub I was able to get to my classes quickly. The path is different this semester tho :&lt;/p>