<p>So...I am a second year in college and I have been switching between majors [the usual] Pre med to Engineering To Land Scape ARCH and now I decided to do Computer Science... In hopes of doing something in AI/Robotics [because I think video games are interesting and robots are just cool!] or CGI artsy stuff [working in pixar one day?]. :| and through all of that switching I learned that everything is gonna have its "all nighter" moments and it all depends if you like doing what you like to do [i.e. drawing in ARCH < programming a game]</p>

<p>:| I looked over my schedule over the next years until I graduate and I can still finish if I pass everything...-_- [IDK i guess I need to build up confidence to get better grades]</p>

<p>I dont know I want to do something that involves something I enjoy doing and I like art cartoons. I can be a silly person u,u my COMP SCI GSI supported that I "switch to theatre art" but I was joking cuz I suck at acting and etc.</p>

<p>I am just hoping that I can do COMP SCI and do something art related with it?</p>

<p>Your dream jobs with that type of emphasis probably include something in computer software development involving graphics, user interfaces, animation, etc..</p>

<p>But take the computer science courses that cover the core concepts (e.g. operating systems, networks, software engineering, algorithms and complexity, databases, security) so that you can handle any computer software job in case the dream jobs are not available when you graduate. You can always try to move into a dream job later if the opportunity presents itself.</p>