comp. sci vs engineering?

<p>My school offers there a difference between computer engineering vs computer science?

<p>Computer engineering is mainly on hardware with a little bit of software. Computer science is basically all software.</p>

<p>I haven't seen any computer science programs (outside of community colleges) that are all software. CS programs typically require at least a computer organization course. My son's requires circuits, computer organization and computer architecture.</p>

<p>It may be that CS programs at LACs don't have hardware requirements. I tend to prefer CS programs at schools that have engineering departments.</p>

<p>CompEng focuses on computer architecture, organization, and in general the lower-level and even electrical aspects of computing. CompEng majors learn about computers.</p>

<p>CompSci focuses on problems, solutions to problems, and the encoding of solutions in a form that can be executed by certain kinds of machines. CompSci majors learn about computation.</p>

<p>Make sure your CompEng program is ABET-EAC accredited. Make sure your CS program is ABET-CAC accredited. Make sure both lead to the BS degree. Also compare curricula to schools like MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, etc. and see where the main coursework differences lie. If you're not getting an algorithms course as a CS major, danger zone. If you're not getting a circuits lab as a CE major, danger zone.</p>

<p>Too be honest, you can still go into software engineering with either degree, based on the people from the university I attend. My advisor in Computer Engineering department has his PHd in computer science and mainly works in software. I believe that you should mainly look at the curriculum and decide for yourself which suits your need.</p>