Compare Alma and Albion

<p>DS is a junior and is interested in knowing more about both schools before visiting. Anyone visit or attend either school?</p>

<p>Wow! My twins are attending these schools. We have been impressed with Albion from day 1. Great admissions department, they really want to know your child. Son is attending and is in the Honors program and Ford Institute. I have been very pleased. Daughter is attending Alma. She originally was sold on Albion but when we learned she was a NMF, she looked into Alma due to their great scholarships. We found the schools very similar in many ways. Alma seems to have great programs in Education, and the sciences from the presentations we attended. Great opportunities for travel. The town of Alma is a little nicer than Albion.</p>

<p>Thank you so much. The admission staff at Alma has been wonderful so far, and we plan to visit Albion as well. Are the schools comparable socially? Would you describe the student bodies as preppy, quirky, average joe?</p>

<p>Albion is a very good school with strong pre-professional programs - law school and medical school prep....very good social science and science departments. Several local doctors and lawyers are grads and they felt they had a great education. Over-all top students looking for a quality liberal arts college with a tradition of excellence. Loyal alums who felt there was balance between academics and social life. Town is suffering in the recession but students seem to make their social life on campus or travel the hour to Ann Arbor or Lansing if needed. By far the most beautiful small college campus in MI - they have done a great job up-dating old buildings and taking pride in their traditions.</p>