Comparing APs

<p>Of these three AP tests: Biology, Chemistry, Physics C, could you please tell me which is the hardest and the easiest? Or if two are close just tell me which one is harder or easier. Also I am good at math so would that help me with Physics? Thanks for help.</p>

<p>I thought Bio was easy (I'm not good at Bio and I got a 5), and I've taken some Chem practice tests and gotten 5's on all of them. I'm good at math too; math will help you on Chem and Physics.</p>

<p>Bio = memorizing things (easy)</p>

<p>Chem = memorizing things + pretty easy math (so, easy)</p>

<p>Physics C = memorizing some stuff + harder math/hard math (hardest of the three)</p>

<p>unless you are really good at math and really bad at memorizing things (is that possible???)</p>

<p>'tis for me -_-</p>

<p>i would say AP chem for sure is the easiest. i haven't taken either of the others, but AP chem is basically naptime. we finished all of the AP-required and IB required (i go to an IB acadamy) currcilum by the end of march, including 28 labs. Since then, we've taken two practice tests, neither of which i've studied for, and i got 91% of the total possible points on the first one, and 94% of the total possible points on the second one. considering that you need like 60-70% of the points to get a 5, i'd say AP chem is a ****ing joke. nowadays i just sleep during class.</p>

<p>Yeah, i guess AP chem is probably easier than BIO, because for bio, you have to have facts in your mind. For chem, you do too, but for the questions that aren't just facts, you can figure them out with simple math, and they give you all the formulas.</p>

<p>that's all funny to hear. quite a few people in my chemistry honors class think they know all, and say "ZOMG I HURD AP CHEM WAS DA HARDEST TEZT EVAR!"</p>

<p>i'm excited to get a 5 on it next year.</p>

<p>I thought Physics C was the easiest, and Chem the hardest, with Bio in the middle.
Got 5, 5, and 4 (since I self-studied for Bio. Over like 1 weekend. Great plan there. ; ) ). I think it largely depends on your teacher, though. But Chem is just SO MUCH material you have to know in depth... :/</p>

<p>And yeah, I'm definitely better at math than memorizing.</p>

<p>Biology is a lot of memorization from what I've heard from the people who've taken it. It isn't too hard though, and if you do all your homework you can get a decent grade.</p>

<p>A lot of people say AP Chemistry is hard because so much of the more complicated material builds on the basic stuff, so if you get lost early a lot of the stuff becomes iffy very quickly. Also, many people can't connect math and calculations to basic chemistry, so then the formulas become just a bunch of abstract functions you have to memorize, which is not the proper way to study.</p>

<p>Moreso with AP Physics, which is even more mathematically based.</p>

<p>I think the AP sciences become extremely easier if you have a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts of the subject you're taking. I reviewed a lot of the previous year's Chem notes before AP Chem and everything made sense.</p>

<p>i hear physics is much harder</p>

<p>It is. AP Chem you can get by with basic algebra skills. AP Physics you need a lot of Trig and Calc, or at least be competent with Precalculus for the C(?) part.</p>