comparing colleges

<p>anyone want to do pros and cons of James Madison vs. College of Charleston?</p>

<p>James Madison is in the middle of nowhere, while College of Charleston is in the middle of one of the best cities in South Carolina. If you're looking for vibrant city life outside of school (JMU is touted as a pretty good party school ON campus) then i would go with CofC.</p>

-Great city
-Proximity to the beach
-Great academics
-Lots to do</p>

-Rural, village location
-Sports are a big deal
-Lots of house parties</p>

<p>I'd pick CoC.</p>

<p>What about Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall??
looks a close tussle between them.</p>

<p>Except they're not as big, and not in the sunny south.</p>