Comparing Pre-Med Schools

<p>I was mostly applying exclusively to BA/MD programs, with just a few undergrad schools where I would do premed. I'm thinking that I should look into some more undergrad schools now. Here are my stats for reference:</p>

Race: Indian (US Citizen, born in the USA)
Gender: Male
Location: Illinois
School: Naperville Central
Class of 2009</p>

<p>GPA: 4.52 Weighted, 3.881 Unweighted (straight A's first semester senior year would bring me to 3.898). My school doesn't have class rank anymore. I do believe they maintain top 5% though, which I am pretty darn sure I'm in. The school will release what the highest GPA in the class is though, which is about a 4.64, give or take a tiny bit.</p>

<p>Test Scores:</p>

<p>PSAT: 213</p>

<p>SAT: 2250 (CR: 800, Math: 730, Writing: 720). Taking again in October</p>

<p>ACT: 34 (Grammar: 35, Math: 36, Reading: 33, Science: 33). Taking again in September</p>

<p>SAT IIs
-Math ii: 780
-Chemistry: 780
-US History: 720</p>

<p>AP Tests:
-AP Gov: 5
-AP Chem: 4
-AP Computer Science AB: 4 (this is the harder test btw...not that helps I guess)
-AP US History: 5</p>

<p>AP Classes taking next year: Lit, Lang, Psyche, Macro, Micro, Bio, BC Calc</p>


<p>ICDA/IHSA Congressional Debate (done Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year)
-2nd Place Best Legislation at an Invitational (Junior Year)
DECA (done Sophomore and Junior Year)
-5th place @ Regional, Travel & Tourism (Sophomore Year)
-2nd place @ Regional, Business Law & Ethics (Junior Year, didn't compete at State because of conflicts)
Business Professionals of America (did sophomore year, awards all Junior Year):
-2nd Place Web Application Team @ Regional
-4th Place Fundamentals of XHTML @ Regional
-2nd Place Web Application Team @ State
-1st Place Fundamentals of XHTML @ State
-Top 10 Fundamentals of XHTML @ Nationals (don't know exact place)
Math Team (did Sophomore and Junior year)
-4th Place Individuals Team at ICTM State
-7th Place 8 Person Team at ICTM State
Science Olympiad (did Sophomore and Junior year)
-1st Place Food Chemistry JV Regional (sophomore year)
-1st Place Five Star Science JV (sophomore year)
-1st Place Physics Lab (sophomore year)
-3rd Place Chem Lab (Junior Year)
-3rd Place Five Star (Junior Year)
-1st Place Robot Ramble (Junior Year)
Certamen (Sophomore year, disbanded Junior year)
National Honors Society
Going to do Mini-Medical School this year
Continuing all extra curricular activites next year</p>

8 hours @ library (Summer before Junior Year)
150+ Hours Hospital Volunteering in Hospital in town with a population of 6500 (Summers before Junior and Senior year)
8 1/2 hours misc stuff for NHS</p>

McDonalds (sob...)


<p>I'm applying to University of Illinois UC as my safety school. I'm looking into good schools to study pre-med at. People have mentioned John's Hopkins, Brown, Duke, and Northwestern to me. I know I'm applying to Northwestern, since it's really close by me.</p>

<p>I'm not sure how many other schools I can apply to, or whether I should apply to any of them early decision. I'm trying to narrow down my list quite a bit (it's large since I'm currently looking to apply to 8 different BA/MD programs). How do John's Hopkins, Brown and Duke compare to each other as far as acceptance rates to medical schools? Are there any other schools I should consider?</p>