Competitions - where's the 411?

I was just wondering exactly how you guys get hooked up with information on upcoming competitions, debates, whatever, anywhere you could get awards, be it state wide, nation wide, or local.
Is there a website I can check out taht has lists of different competitions in differet areas?
I live in Spokane, Washington and I can’t seem to find anyone taht know anything on competitions going on - the few competitions I know about, don’t really appeal to me.
Thanks a lot


<p>what kind of competitions are you interested in? Math, music, computer programming, Latin.....</p>

<p>just check with advisors of different clubs at your school...mine has many math competitions, engineering, etc. You can look up scholarships like the Intel award and stuff like that also</p>

<p>my school has 0 academic competitions, so i was wondering the same thing</p>