Competitive Scholarship Awards

Have any of you applied test optional and received word on a competitive scholarship yet? My OOS daughter applied test optional in November, so she won’t hear about competitive scholarships until 2/1 based on the most recent communication from UA. I’m curious what the stats are for students who received a response 12/15. I’m really hoping my daughter receives scholarships as the OOS tuition is steep! Thanks in advance!

I m too waiting for a scholarship letter. But I’ve heard from people that they got the automatic merit scholarship a week or two after there acceptance. I got accepted three days ago but did not receive any update on scholarships. Hopefully, I’ll hear something in the coming week. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:. My SAT is 1370 and GPA is 3.87.

My daughter applied test optional so she didn’t qualify for merit, but she should qualify for a competitive scholarship. With her GPA, I think it should be on the higher end, though I’m unsure how they are calculating GPA. They started releasing competitive scholarships to earlier applicants 12/15, so I’m sure curious if any test optional applicants received awards, their stats and the amount received.