Competitive Scholarship Day and Fall '10 applicants

<p>I was admitted to Linfield last week and got my confirmation for the Art Competitive day today. I plan on RSVPing a yes! :) I don't think I'll get to stay in the dorms though.</p>

<p>Anyone else going to compete in a scholarship? Anyone else admitted for Fall 2010?</p>

<p>Yep, Creative Writing.</p>

<p>I recommend that you do stay in the dorm if you get the chance. Best of luck to you both!</p>

<p>I just have to say that Competitive Scholarship Day was a huge, quality event and kudos to Linfield for bringing the students in, many for overnights, and giving them all the resources they need (including potential $$) to make their college decision. Our visits with the English department folks and the random questions answered by all manner of Linfield staff and students made us very comfortable with "Why Linfield?"</p>

<p>Yes it was a great event! I really appreciated it and recommend it for any future Linfield applicants. I especially encourage art applicants... there were only 3 of us out of over 300 students visiting for the competition!</p>

<p>I was happy about the tour and very happy with talking to the art department, but it's hard to shake off the small town of McMinnville. Probably the only downside to the school for me.</p>

<p>As a parent I have to say that I love McMinnville. We spent Saturday night downtown during the art and wine walk--it was so pleasant and so well-attended that it took us a while to find a table. I don't know how healthy the economy really is there, but I appreciated the main street vibe with its food, shoes, books, and coffee. That's all I need to be happy, apparently. :-) Oh, and the beautiful Willamette Valley doesn't hurt, either.</p>

<p>Aerienne, what are your concerns about going to college in a small town?</p>

<p>digdig - McMinnville just seemed out of the way for me. It's a beautiful campus, but I didn't see much appeal in the rest of the town, although the downtown was of course nice and historic (and I love historic!) but I'd mostly prefer being closer to Seattle or Portland. And yes, I realize I'm going to school for an education, but I'm going up to the Pacific Northwest because I loved Seattle and the greenery and the change in climate, so I'd like to get all I can out of this big change. :)</p>