competitive summer programs for humanities folk?

hi all! the title pretty much says it all- i’m looking for ~enriching summer programs that have a focus in the humanities. i am working on my tasp application right now, but that’s pretty much it. seeing that it’s so selective, i need a few ~safety options. are there any other programs of that caliber for us humanities folk? being that it’s the summer before my senior year, i would really like to do something that is both in the realm of my interests and sticks out (in a good way!) to colleges… thanks :slight_smile:

Carleton has some interesting programs. Not the same level as TASP, but respectable. One problem is timing; some programs want you to commit before you hear back from TASP.

@intparent thank you! i’m on their website now :smiley:
and yes, that is one of my concerns. i applied to a few research programs and didn’t realize that the date i’d have to commit is before the tasp decisions are out. ah.

You may lose your deposit if you have to make one. FYI, my kid didn’t get into TASP (hardly anyone does), so she was glad she had backup plans.

I know several top students who didn’t get into TASP though they were excellent writers. I wouldn’t put all my eggs in TASP basket, if you need to pay deposit for another program of your liking, do it.

I will say that just doing the TASP application was a good experience for my kid, though. Exercised her brain in a way that was helpful when college apps came along the next year.

It’s tough finding summer humanities programs! I went to TASP last year (best. experience. ever), and my backup plan was an upper division art history class abroad and/or the Carleton humanities program, which had a really interesting topic and was cheaper than most. I’ve heard good things about Stanford’s Summer Humanities Institute but, boy, is it expensive (in the realm of $7,000+ for three weeks)! If you have a political bent, maybe the Senate Page Program?