Compiling my list: I need match schools

I’m a rising senior, Asian male, and I live in California, and want to apply as an Engineer for all schools listed.

GPA: 4.0 unweighted, 4.74 weighted (counting only fresh, soph, and junior years)
Rank: 1
SAT: 2000; CR: 620 M: 680 W: 700
SAT II: Math Level 2: 780; Physics: 740; US History: 700
ACT: 32; English: 28; Math: 36; Reading: 30; Science: 34
I’m planning on retaking the SAT and ACT but I don’t want to assume that I will score better so lets just say these are the scores I will be submitting to colleges.

AP classes taken so far:
AP Chemistry (Score: 4)
AP World History (Score: 4)
AP Language (Score: 4)
AP Physics 1 (Score: 5)
AP Calculus AB (Score: 5)
AP U.S. History (Score: 5)
AP Spanish (Score: 2)

Senior Course Load:
AP Physics B
AP Biology
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Literature
AP Government
Honors Art
P.E. (required)


  • Mathletes (4 years, president 2014-2015)
  • Key Club (4 years, treasurer 2014-2015, vice-president 2015-2016)
  • Science Olympiad (4 years, president 2014-2015)
  • National Honor Society (3 years, president 2015-2016)
  • Early Academic Outreach Program (4 years)
  • California Scholarship Federation (3 years)
  • Varsity Tennis (3 years b/c not counting spring season of senior year)
  • Varsity Cross Country (4 years counting fall season of senior year)
  • 450+ hours of community service (acquired through Key Club, helped at numerous homeless feeds, local food bank, fundraisers for charity, community events and festivals, etc.)
  • Project SEED Summer of Junior year (Program sponsored by the ACS, I worked as an intern and conducted research for the Chemistry Department at UC Davis and was paid a stipend)

Awards (No major ones)

  • Distinguished treasurer and Gold member by the CNH District of Key Club
  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Gold level)
  • AP Scholar with distinction
  • Hoping to be a quest bridge finalist (if this is even an award :P)

Income: $50k/year for family of 6
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male

Colleges interested in (Applying as an Engineer):
UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Davis, USC, Stanford, Brown, Cornell, MIT, Cal Tech, Harvey Mudd, etc.

Berkeley engineering is where I really want to go. But is it as hard to get into as compared to an ivy league? I know many people that got into Berkeley without any stellar applications but they went into majors like politics or health. How are my chances at Berkeley?

Also I kinda posted this a while ago but I didn’t get adequate responses. I need specifically which schools I am matched for so I don’t end up applying to all reaches and get all rejected :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been told that San Diego, Davis, and my state school can be considered safties for me but I have no idea which ones are matches and which ones are reaches for me.

Thanks in advance!

All State Universities - Safeties
UC Berkeley - Match
UCLA - Match
UCSD - High Match
USC - Match
Stanford - Low Reach
Cal Tech, Harvey Mudd - Low to mid reaches
Brown, Cornell, MIT - Reaches

ACT 32 is better than SAT 2000, however, it is still below admission average for top engineering schools. UCB is definitely competitive even for in state students. How is your UC GPA?
My nephrew who is also Asian male in California with slightly stronger score was just accepted from the wait list at UCB engineering. So it would be at a high match to low reach for you. UCLA would be similar.
Cal Tech and Stanford are definitely reaches.

UCLA/UCB: High Match
Stanford/Cal Tech/Harvery Mudd/Brown/Cornell/MIT: Reach

If you want more match schools include UCSB/UCI to your list.