COMPLETE Consider Saint Mary's!

<p>As a current college sophomore, I still remember what it was like looking at colleges and trying to make the difficult decision of where I wanted to go. When my mom (who happens to be smcmom) came across the Saint Mary's College website and showed it to me, I thought that it would be worth a visit. Then again, it was an all-girls school and who would have ever thought I would consider that option after receiving an entire co-ed education. So we made the five-hour drive down during spring break of my junior year and as soon as we drove through campus I fell in love. Needless to say, my college search ended and I have never been happier for choosing to attend here. But I choose Saint Mary's for more than just its beautiful scenery.</p>

<p>It's a beautiful place that is set apart from the city of South Bend and really creates it's own community. Notre Dame is across the street and we are able to take advantage of many of the opportunities that they have to offer as a larger institution. However, more importantly, Saint Mary's can stand alone as its own college and offers many wonderful opportunities for a small school. The courses are challenging and taught by professors who, in most cases, have attained the highest degree and education in their field. Many attended places like Princeton, Harvard, and University of Chicago and instead of going back to those places to do research they have expressed an interest in becoming professors at a smaller school so they could actually focus on teaching. This is what sets our professors apart from those at larger universities, who teach on the side, but actually are more focused on research than teaching. </p>

<p>Many are also interested in teaching young women in particular, which makes our college so special. Since it is solely for young women, our education is specifically designed keeping the way we learn best in mind. Although some may miss boys in the classroom at first, many, including myself, feel that after a few weeks we didn't even notice it anymore and are actually welcomed their absence. It allowed us more opportunities to participate freely and focus on our education, instead of impressing any boys. </p>

<p>Some may think that because it is a small school the courses wouldn't be as rigorous as attending a more well-known school, but I have to say that I don't think this is the case. When Notre Dame students come over and take courses that aren't offered on their own campus, many have said that they think our classes are as challenging, if not more difficult, than at Notre Dame because of the different way courses are structured. So don't think that the education you are receiving here is of any less value that if you went to a larger institution. </p>

<p>So this is a little information about Saint Mary's that is not always very well known. We have been ranked #1 in the US World and News Reports for many years in a row now, in our category of comprehensive bachelor's colleges in the Midwest, and hopefully this has introduced our school to people who may not have found it otherwise. If anyone has any other questions about what it is like to be a student here, activities around campus, study abroad, or anything else, they are welcome to send me a message or post one here and I will try my best to respond. Honestly, this is a wonderful place and I think all high school girls should consider coming for a visit to at least check it out. It may be the college you have been searching for all along.</p>

<p>Great post. Any other SMC students our there? Prospective students?</p>