Completed bachelors degree

I barely earned my bachelor’s degree with a 2.16 GPA. My goal was to apply for a special education credential program but I have not been able to find anyone who will accept my gpa as the lowest accepted is usually a 2.5. I am not certain of enrolling in a master’s degree program will help boost my gpa to get in later or if there is another school anyone knows about that will admit the low gpa. Teaching special education is what I want to do. Advice is greatly appreciated.

Why the 2.16? Did you fail a lot of classes, or did you just have B and C grades? Did your grades get betterover the years?

What was your major? What classes do you still need to take to become certified to teach in your state? How many of those classes can you pick up at a community college or at an inexpensive public U in your state? You might not need a Masters program at all, just those classes.