Completely random

<p>I know this is REALLY random, but I am thinking of applying to Brandeis, but some people in my school have been telling me otherwise because of its “strong Jewish religiousness”.</p>

<p>I am TECHNICALLY a Muslim, but I am hardly at all religious… do u think that this will be, in any way, a problem for me? Is it majorly religious like BC, or is it pretty liberal and diverse?</p>

<p>Thank you :)</p>

<p>I don't think it is super religious. It has a much larger Jewish population than any other school, but it is in no way too religious. The people that go to Brandeis tend to be liberal and very accepting. Technically 15 religions are represented at Brandeis. The school does not have an official religion, and was created so that people who were not of the Catholic or Protestant religion could still be accepted at the same rate as others.</p>

<p>"...Is it majorly religious like BC, or is it pretty liberal and diverse?..."</p>

<p>It is pretty liberal and diverse. And there are majorly religious people there, but they are a minority.</p>

<p>When we visited, I got the feeling that it was quite a multicultural place - there are a lot of international students too, I think. So approximately 1/2 the student body might be Jewish, but within that 1/2, there is a plurality, from the totally secular and atheistic to the devout Orthodox. And the school itself has no religious point of view, as juliab25 said above. If you're interested, and if it's possible, there is nothing like a visit to directly understand how you would feel there...</p>

<p>Also, this isn't exactly what your question was about, but you still might be interested in this link someone posted a while back, a "Muslims at Brandeis" site:</p>

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<p>What the above two posters said. :-P Also, I've seen plenty of Muslims around campus, and there's a sign that points to a Muslim worship center inside Usdan, which is pretty handy.</p>

<p>it was said that "has a much larger Jewish population than any other school." This is far from true. most state schools have many more jews than brandeis. i think you mean brandeis has a high ratio of jews to non jews, which it does. Yeshiva university is the only school i can think of with a higher ratio. brandeis is extremely committed to being diverse and accepting of all people. if you'd like to learn a little more about why brandeis is like this, here's a short history: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Kirby27. Outside of Yeshiva, which is a religious school, Brandeis does have the highest percentage of Jews. Check it out... Jewish</a> Student Populations at Various Colleges & Universities | InLikeMe</p>