Completing IGETC in High School, is the IGETC strictly used for transfer students?

I have been taking college courses at my local community college while in high school and I am on track to complete the IGETC by the end of Spring 2021, the same semester I will be graduating. I have contacted the universities that I have applied to, and have said that they will accept the IGETC as a freshman applicant to complete my GE requirements. Are there any limitations to receive an IGETC from my community college that I’m unaware of? I understand that the IGETC is meant to be for transfer students, but I could not find any information that stated that it was strictly to be completed only by transfer students. Thanks for any information!

Did you apply to a UC/CSU? If so, then they will accept your IGETC certificate when you apply as a freshman, but you will still graduate early. Since you did the CC classes while still in high school, there’s no rule saying you have to be a transfer student.

Everything I could find about the IGETC applied only to transfer students, however, my stepdaughter says over email it was confirmed that her IGETC would be honored even though she applied as a freshman. It might be the second quarter before her portal is updated to reflect this, though. So we don’t know for sure that it will actually happen.