Completing Math IGETC Req Final Semester (Spring)

<p>My major is english..does this even affect my admissions decision? at all?
I can't see why it would since even if they offer me admission I would have to get at least a C in it anyways. Anyone say otherwise?? and obviously yea my major is english :x</p>

<p>You were supposed to address this in the UC Update on the comments space:</p>

<p>"If you are completing the transferable math course required for UC eligibility in your last semester prior to transfer and have no previous college math courses, explain how you met the prerequisite for this course and how you plan to successfully complete the course."</p>

<p>oh yea i remember something about that, but i never put anything down for that since i took a non transferable course in fall 06</p>

<p>I'm finishing my math for IGETC this semester as well. I don't think it should make a big impact but im not really sure.</p>

<p>No as long as you put on your application that you will be finishing IGETC and will also complete your math and English requirements you will be fine.</p>

<p>Finishing it in the Spring is fine. You may not, however, finish it in the summer.</p>

<p>I feel like I kind of beat the system by taking my transferable math course in spring quarter. I'm terrible at math so if I would have had it done in fall or earlier and gotten a C it would have hurt me. Now there isn't as much pressure to get an A in this course because the grade won't be used in determining my admission decisions, but I guess it could essentially hurt me by NOT having a grade for it due to the fact that it is one of the major requirements, if that makes any sense hah.</p>

<p>I'm actually taking my transferable math now in the winer quarter at ucla ext. and my final is on tuesday.<br>
Do you guys think that I should update my grade when I get it?
Will it make any difference at this point?
I also didn't write anything about taking math so late in the comments box.</p>

<p>^^ if you pass the class i think you should update it so, so they know that you finished the transferable math class which can be very important.</p>

<p>From the UCSB website: To qualify for TAG -
Complete the required courses in English composition (two courses designated as UC-E on the UC-Transferable Course Agreement) and mathematics (one course designated as UC-M on the UC-Transferable Course Agreement) with C grades or better by the end of fall 2007 for fall 2008 admission.</p>