Completing the Application Update?

<p>So.... I went through my application and entered my final grades.</p>

<p>I entered my initials and clicked SUBMIT. However, my application update still says it's in progress and I have not received any confirmation email.</p>

<p>Are there any other steps we were supposed to take?</p>


<p>So I just did it again. Changed “planned” to “in progress” for a bunch of courses this semester and submitted it again.</p>

<p>This time it doesn’t say it’s in progress.</p>

<p>What the hell? I would have been convinced that I finished the update if it wasn’t for the Berkeley application to remind me. Why so misleading University of California? Why?</p>

<p>This application is idiotic.</p>

<p>If you attempt to view your application update and then go to the main menu without going all the way through AGAIN, the main menu will tell you that it’s “in progress.”</p>

<p>Once you update the application, dont click on application update again or you have to do it again. You can go to view application to see if you update successfully. There will be some green bars show the date you updated.</p>

<p>lolll yupp just dont click on it again. SO idiotic.</p>