completing writing class is important as major requirement?

<p>you guys said completing major requirement is important....</p>

<p>how about writing class??</p>

<p>Finishing all writing courses before applying is important??</p>

<p>If I am taking writing 2 class this semester, does it hurt my chance to get in UCB econ major?</p>

<p>i would very much imagine so.
Just think of it this way..
there are thousands of other applicants that have ALL pre-reqs u can pretty much guess how the ppl are gonna choose.</p>

<p>Yes, having your English Composition Group A, and Critical Thinking group B of the IGETC must be completed or they will give reject you. The UC's want to make sure you are satisfactory in English and Math. There was even a girl on this board who was rejected from many of the top and middle tier US campuses with all major prep done, Igetc certified and a 3.75 GPA was denied because she was missing one english class.</p>