Comprehensive Med School Admissions book?

<p>Hi all,
I'm looking into medicine and was wondering which med school Admissions book I should buy (I'd rather buy one instead of check one out of the library so I can use it through the years). I looked on amazon and there were a lot of these books with pretty good ratings, but I can only afford to buy one ... so I wanted to pick the most helpful one. Mostly, I want to find one that talks about how to select courses, when to take MCATs, unconventional routes (like maybe taking a year off after college and applying sometime during that year), and such. :) I checked out a book from the library a couple weeks ago and read most of it, though it was from the 1990s, so I guess it might not be too current. </p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback ^^</p>

<p>Haha -- just ask us. =)</p>

<p>I thought Getting into Medical School Today was pretty good. I think it's by Scott Plank MD, but don't quote me on that. I'm too lazy/tired (stupid 6am small group session) to really care enough to look it up. But it had some very good advice and for the most part was accurate and covered quite a few things (section on interviews and common interview questions was particularly good I recall).</p>

Haha -- just ask us. =)


BDM is the best med school Admissions book.</p>

<p>You should get yourself an MSAR.</p>

<p>I used my MSAR more than anything else, but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for. It's not a book on how to get into medical school. It's more a way of distinguishing between all the medical schools in the country. It's great with statistics and basic information about the schools. I don't know what year you're in (or if you're in college or hs), and so I don't know if you should get this one yet. The MSAR is reprinted every year with updated information. I wouldn't get it before you're at the application stage, honestly. But I'd definitely get it when that time comes.</p>

<p>MSAR is for picking schools to apply to. Not an issue until March your junior year of college.</p>

<p>I just spent a few minutes frantically trying to figure out what MRSA had to do with getting into medical school. Silly biochem fried my brain...</p>

<p>thanks for the feedback guys ^^
btw, what is a MSAR?</p>

<p></a> Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) 2008-2009: The Most Authoritative Guide to U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools (Medical School Admission Requirements, ... Requirements, United States and Canada): Julie A., Ph.D. Chanatry: Books</p>

<p>Thanks bluedevilmike ^^</p>

I just spent a few minutes frantically trying to figure out what MRSA had to do with getting into medical school.


<p>What does MRSA have to do with getting into medical school? EVERYTHING...duh.</p>

<p>I swear I have to tell like 3-5 people a week that they don't have MRSA infections...but that's a lot easier than explaining to MRSA carriers why they have to be in contact isolation. By this point though I'm pretty sure I'm a carrier. It also doesn't help that I shower with methicillin body wash...;)</p>