Comput Engineering. Santa Clara or 3-2 at Pepperdine?

<p>Which would be a better place for my future? If the costs were identical, this would be an easier choice, but I was offered $33,000 in scholarships from Pepperdine, and only $15,000 from Santa Clara. The only problem is that the scholarship money from Pepperdine would only be good for the first three years of the 3-2 program, and then I would have to apply separately for financial aid at USC, which, from the website, doesn't seem to be very generous with transfer students. So most likely, both options - Santa Clara for 4 years or 3-2 at Pepperdine - would end up costing me around $170,000. Based on that, which is a better option? Is having 2 Bachelor's degrees in engineering more valuable, or is graduating from Santa Clara a better bet, with its location in Silicon Valley (a very good place for a Computer Engineer)?</p>

<p>For the 3-2, would you have to apply for admission to USC, or is transfer guaranteed if you take the needed courses? Pepperdine has a computer science department, but its course offerings are extremely limited, so you would not be in a good situation if you did not get admitted to transfer to USC or did not get enough financial aid there.</p>

<p>USC is somewhat better known than SCU, but SCU’s location cannot be beat (well, maybe SJSU and Stanford come close on the location).</p>

<p>You have no other acceptances with lower costs?</p>