Computer Discounts

<p>Does USC offer any kind of discount for purchasing a laptop/computer through them? I am going to be buying a laptop for the fall and I am wondering if they offer any cheaper deal, if any at all?</p>

<p>When I was on tour I remember them saying something about a discount for all students at a store on campus, or something. Maybe I'm getting mixed up, but I'm pretty sure it was USC.</p>

<p>i just bought a laptop through the school thing, go to and then to the computer store, from there u can get to Dell's University program, i got extra 96 dollars off for my $1500 laptop</p>

<p>buying Dell computer through is not cheap at all. It's rather expensive. If u really want a good but great saving laptop, go to this site for dell coupons: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
You can often save up to 35% on Dell laptops. I got mine a month ago costing only $1350, with original price at $2010.</p>

<p>Yeah, I got a Dell e-coupon through <a href=""&gt;;/a> and saved $800 on a $2000 laptop. Pretty sweet.</p>

<p>Yes, but you can combine those online coupons with the student coupon. That's what I $1900 dollar laptop for $1100.</p>

<p>Cool. I thought that the coupons were exclusive; i.e. couldn't be used with any other offer. Anyways, good deals can be had.</p>

<p>Don't forget the Mac store. YOu get roughly 10% discount on everything. a whole computer system with printer and bag and applecare and everything else you could thing was advertised for 5,000 but you could get it for $3700. THe computer I was looking at was about $3700, but after the discount was $2600. I am also getting the fastest and largest 15in powerbook. You can get iBooks from wround $900 and base powerbooks from around $1400.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Of course you are the lone mac person boze... :)</p>

<p>and dont forget apple has a refurbished section. you can save around 200 on a new computer. (thats where i got my ibook). with an educational discount you could probably get a nice laptop for pretty cheap. go apple.</p>

<p>apple is nice and cool, but a little too expensive for low income family.</p>

<p>When you think about not really. A PC has to be replaced at nor more than 5 years, they just dont make it. Most barely last 2 years. My Mac has been living since 1998. It is just starting to see its last few years. BTW with a MAC starting at $800 thats farley resonable. Remember to compare a Mac ghz to a PC, roughly double it. so a 1 ghz mac is like 2 ghz PC.</p>

<p>I just priced a dell, and it is comaparable to MY Mac. Which as I said aboe would be $2600. the Dell would have been 4250 plus less roughly a 750 coupon would be 3500 less a student discount if there is one. SO they are not as expensive as you think. Macs that is</p>

<p>i c. i thought mac ghz is the same as pc ghz, so just by comparing that, mac sounded expensive. now maybe i will consider a mac for my next laptop.</p>

<p>and BTW, PC doesn't need to be replaced every 5 years, just need a little upgrade, and I heard upgrading mac is really hard. pc at the end still wins, at least economically and ease of use&upgrade.</p>